Are you the best Sport- / Casinoplayer of ?

Vinn  500 euro

1) The winner is the player who has the biggest «gamewin» after each contestperiode.
Gamewin is the total win a player has from even Casino or Sportsbet
Example: Jack in the box does a deposit for 100€, after 1 week Jack has 400€ in his playeraccount. This means Jack’s «gamewin» is total 300€.

2) Players who play both sportsbet and casino, will get their TOTAL gamewin registered.
3) could change their rules and competition at any point if needed.
4) Participants are responsible for following the rules from the bettingsite aswell as
5) Prizes from the competition will be paid on the same account that has participanted in the competition race.

To participate in the competition you must use eather  Nordicbet, Betsafe or Betsson when you place your sportsbet or casinoplay. Your account must also be tracked to

For any help with tracking of your account  Click here

The player with the highest «Gamewin-amount» wins the competition

Race periode: 1-16th of May!

Gamewin Gamewin Premie
1. 500€
2. 300€
3. 200€
4. 100€
5. 50€

*The prize will be paid out the the account that participate in the competition. The prize has no turn over terms and are paid out by Good luck!